We Could Be Anything is one of the songs from the film Prom. It is sung by Nolan Sotillo.



Every day friends & lovers grow like flowers make mistakes and spend your hours living it down life's a game a journey for us inside out no doubt no doubt but down the road you're bound to take a different route where it goes nobody really knows i've found in the end it always comes back around somehow somehow

Chorus:i don't know why it has to be so black and white for you and me when there's a million colors in between and we could be anything the truth ain't always what it seems and right or wrong lacks depth to me fear is our only enemy and we could be anything

I can feel the heaviness you keep by your side when it's real it feels like it has multiplied it's hard to deal without a friendly face in sight but it's all right it's all right because to grow you've got to be alone sometimes in the cold weathering the storm inside so you know no matter what it's gonna be fine it'll be fine so fine

b&w chorus

if love is blind how can you read the signs? and i believe in time that we will see (that) we can (or could) be anything if the feeling's right it's not so hard to find and we can realize what's meant to be we can be anything if you love someone you've got to let them go set them free and trust that they will ebb and flow

b&w chorus X 2

we could be we could be we could be anything